Maitland Regional Gallery

Don’t Bite Your Friends, oil on canvas 124 x 94cm, 2023

Steve is exhibiting at Maitland Regional gallery with a stellar line up of artists. The show titled ‘Lineage- A Visual Continuum” celebrates the dynamic interplay of tradition and innovation through eight diverse but related artistic practices. The exhibition invites us on a journey through the captivating conversations of these very distinct creative voices, each individually contributing to a shared narrative of artistic heritage. As we traverse the generational spectrum, Lineage offers a glimpse into the influences, transformations, and enduring themes that help shape the ongoing evolution of art. Exhibiting artists are Euan Macleod, Guy Warren, Elisabeth Cummings, Ann Thomson, Kevin Connor, Steve Lopes, Sophie Cape, Shona Trescott.

The exhibition runs, June 29 2024 — October 27 2024

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