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Recently exhibited at Fiumano Fine Art London, ‘The Trip to Italy’, was an exhibition of paintings by Euan Macleod and Steve Lopes. The two artists and good friends had a tough assignment: drive through beautiful countryside, eat lavishly, stay in exquisite small hotels, and paint along the incomparable coastline and in the historic hill towns of northern Italy. Their next task: head to London and immediately show the results of their trip – an almost pop-up-style exhibition replicating several other on-the-fly shows the pair has put together in recent years.
Known for their edgy painting styles, their latest works are an exciting take on the country we all fall in love with. These two inveterate painter–travellers ambled through paradise – with Italian–Australian Lopes as guide and translator – in a continuation of their series of plein air painting trips around the world. They started their journey on the Ligurian coast, moving down through Tuscany, to Rome and then Naples, producing a stunning array of landscapes and figurative works on the spot.
Both artists have works in the Australian National Gallery and in public collections around the world. Both have also exhibited in London to high acclaim. Macleod is an award-winning artist, credited with recent sell-out shows in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. Lopes’s successful painting career includes a long UK association, as he has regularly exhibited there since living and studying in London in the 1990s.

Euan Macleod & Steve Lopes – The Trip to Italy
exhibited 29 September to 3 October 2015

Fiumano Fine Art London


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